PAX East 2013: The Recreation of Kingdom Hearts

Disney and Square Enix are showing hands-off demonstrations of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX at PAX East 2013, a collection of the first 3 games with remastered and improved graphics for the PlayStation 3. How does it look so far?

Based on the brief demo, the current build appears to be solid as a technical update on some classic games, adding modern features such as trophies and the ability to skip cinematics (although hopefully that becomes tweaked to avoid a pause before a skip before release). The Disney and Kingdom Hearts aesthetic translates nicely into Hugh definition, and already shows a lot of polish with great looking models and smooth animations in its current stage of development.

The game should appeal to new gamers to the series (such as myself) as well as established fans who would enjoy the highest fidelity Kingdom Hearts experience possible. Square Enix and Disney have clearly put a lot of attention to detail and polish into this HD collection of some of their most beloved games, which should be available in stores (and potentially as a digital download) later this year.

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