PAX West 2017: Is it the Era of VR?

VR continues to be a popular topic at gaming conventions such as PAX West 2017, with Seattle a hotbed of video game & virtual reality development talent working on cutting edge projects. Panelists at the Is THIS going to be the year of VR? discussion included Robin HunickeIkrima ElhassanGeoffrey ZatkinTodd Hooper & Jeff Pobst.

Robin began the conversation with a discussion on the start of several years of VR from this point forward, a period where developers need to navigate the difference between what the marketplace has & what people want. She felt that VR was generally useful & it was awesome to have access to this kind of technology, as well as the huge amount of responsibility for how their products impact the culture.

Ikrima noted that development has moved a lot faster than anticipated; VR is a contact religion you have to try it to believe it & the industry needed to make it cheaper to accelerate that. Geoffrey advocated for the budget of AAA for VR games, as well as better tools for that development while Robin also advocated for more creativity tools to come out.

On the topic of price, Todd stressed the importance of getting price friction down to $300 or even $200. Jeff pointed out that exclusives are how the content exists today while Robin highlighted the need for better curated stores.

It might not happen for years to come, but I hope someone is looking into the possibility of live streaming future panels from PAX to VR as well as Twitch. It would be a context appropriate way to experience the convention remotely as well as allow panelists to provide 3D presentations & demos of the technology being discussed.


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