PAX East 2016: Mario Maker Mayhem

PAX has always been a big event for big announcements and celebrity signings, but the biggest difference between PAX and other conventions like E3 and GDC is its willingness to explore abstract and/or wild adventures.

The Mario Maker World Championships featuring Patrick Klepek from Kotaku and Dan Ryckert from Giant Bomb is one such experience, a feud that started with a Mario Maker level challenge and escalating into an extended series of increasingly wild maps, vignettes and an unexpected boon to charity that culminated this weekend at PAX East 2016.

You know it’s on when there’s a proper fight poster:

Our combatants minced no words leading up to their epic confrontation:

Round one goes to Patrick by a big margin, but Dan pulls out the clutch win on a devious 2nd map by Jeff Gerstmann (of Giant Bomb, a website about video games) to set up the 3rd and final map

The final level by Polygon’s own Griffin McElroy was a carnival funhouse of torture:

And it ends in controversy as Patrick narrowly advances further than Dan in distance, but not overall rooms completed on the final level. Who really won, the crowd asks???

This is a feud so epic that not even PAX East 2016 could settle the score. Fans demanding a rematch may receive justice at the upcoming PAX Prime 2016, but for now we’ll have to relive the glory and agony on a live captured feed of the chaos (edit: live feed replaced with official captured footage link):


PAX has a ton of fun things going on, but it’s live action shenanigans like this that brings me back every year.

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