PAX Prime 2013: The Prototypification is inFAMOUS

Is Prototypification even a word? Let’s just run with it.

Sucker Punch is showing off inFAMOUS: Second Son, the third core entry in the series and the first on the upcoming PlayStation 4. The demo at PAX is under 10 minutes and hands off, but the powers still resemble what the series has traditionally offered: energy bolts, speed bursts in any direction, gliding in the air and other full freedom of movement and mass damage attacks. The games takes place in an industrially tinged version of Seattle, with sharp textures and deformable structures (at least cosmetically) that look great on next gen hardware.

Where it loses me a bit is the look and feel of the anti-hero lead, who bears a striking similarity to the Prototype series. From the facial mannerisms in close ups to the scale and force of higher level attacks, there is an uncanny resemblance based on the PAX hands off demo. One of the differences between inFAMOUS and Prototype that I have appreciated is a relatively realistic restraint on the maximum impact of the superpowers, a difference which appears to be minimized or perhaps even eliminated in the upcoming installment.

I preordered this game months ago and deeply enjoyed the original before missing the sequel due to time constraints, and look forward to a game with a technically impressive visual aesthetic and fast paced open world style. Also, their Pinny Arcade pin is phenomenal.

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