StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is En Route

After years of waiting, delays, a split of the title into three separate parts and incredible hype, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty finally has a hard release date of July 27, 2010! After 12 years, the anticipation for this sequel is among the highest in gaming history, and it’s definitely the most important launch in Blizzard history along with the original World of WarCraft.
I’m shaky at the game (WarCraft III is more in my wheelhouse), but there’s no doubt that I’ll be there on launch day to get the awesome collector’s edition. It comes with:
  • An artbook filled with concept and production artwork
  • A USB key with both the original StarCraft and expansion pack Brood War
  • Behind the scenes DVD and soundtrack CD
  • A prequel comic book
  • A World of WarCraft bonus pet
  • Extra portraits, decals and unit skins

On that last point, I just received a beta key yesterday (my reward for pre-ordering a staggering 4 years ago) and hopped over to the new service to use it. It’s pretty impressive: it’ll recognize almost all of the older games you want to register, works really quickly and looks very clean. I’m going to take a deeper look into its in-game achievement tracking system, but you can definitely see the fruits of project director Greg Canessa’s work throughout 2.0. Giant Bomb has a really good interview from BlizzCon 09 about it, and it promises to be a really robust service that supports all of their future titles.

Should be a crazy, crazy summer; come the end of July, South Korea will be shutting down for at least a week.


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