Review: TriviaBurst

This review is based on the iPhone version of TriviaBurst.

Need a trivia fix while you’re on the road? TriviaBurst can fill that need. It’s a pretty simple experience that serves up questions in a selected number of genres (almost entirely sports and popular entertainment), with each question provided in a multiple choice format.

There’s a major flaw in the game, and that’s the randomization of question selection. Certain questions come up repeatedly when you stick with a particular genre, and I’ve experienced a couple of times where the exact same question came up twice in the same 10-question series. Since every question you answer incorrectly serves up the right choice, it unbalances the game whenever this happens. All questions are served up from a central server (TriviaBurst requires you to be connected when playing), so hopefully developers Bit33 and E5 Interactive can sort this out.

There are leaderboards, and you can challenge a player or group over a period of 7 days. Unfortunately I couldn’t track anyone else down to try this feature, so I want to make a note of that. It does has Plus+ integration and a large selection of awards that can be earned, and spiring quiz creators can also submit their own trivia into the collective pool as well.

TriviaBurst is a solid if unspectacular title. The flawed (lack of) randomization in questions and the really limited genre selection are unfortunate detractions for the game, but it’s still a steady burst of questions for trivia buffs on the go.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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