Review: Unblock Me

This review is based on the iPhone version of Unblock Me.

Unblock Me by Kiragames is a basic block bumping game, where you nudge a variety of 1×2 or 2×1 blocks around a 6×6 grid. Each block can only be moved along the horizontal or vertical plane, and its movement axis is specified by the longer 2 unit side. The objective is to slide a special 2×1 unit block from the left to the right, and off of the grid through the only opening. It’s a lot like Square Master or any other 2 dimensional block and sliding based puzzle title, in a very no-frills presentation.

Relax Mode lets you complete puzzles at your leisure, while Challenge Mode records your moves and rates each completion on a 3-star scale. Difficulty ratchets up from Beginner (still requires some thinking) to Expert (it’s mad hard). The Bonus option reveals a total of 600 puzzles, which is a pretty deep selection of block freeing setups to work through.

There’s basic stat tracking but no active leaderboard or multiplayer. The blocks have a nice wooden grain but aren’t otherwise noteworthy, and the audio is limited to blocks clacking around and a brief flourish after the completion of a puzzle.

Unblock Me isn’t a revelation, but it’s affordable at only a dollar and works as a nice palette cleanser between more involved games with full blown narratives, multiplayer or more complicated gameplay systems. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some sliding to do.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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