Review: Drop7

This review is based on the iPhone version of Drop7.

In a sentence, Drop7 is like a numerically based Connect Four. You drop randomly provided discs into a 7 by 7 unit grid, eliminating them by creating rows and/or columns that total the number in the disc. There are also gray discs that emerge from the bottom at the start of every round, which break down and reveal a numbered disc after a pair of numbered discs in direct contact are eliminated. So if you drop an orange 3 disc onto a column with 2 solid gray discs, the 3 is eliminated and the upper gray disc becomes broken. Drop a 1 onto that, and the 1 will be eliminated while the upper gray disc reveals a number underneath. The game chains eliminations together, so an unveiled 2 in this scenario will also be eliminated on the same turn.

It sounds a bit convoluted, but the concept is easy to grasp after a couple of minutes. Strategy is also pretty straight forward: avoid elimination clogging vertical lines of 1’s and 2’s, alternate accumulated gray discs with numbered ones for faster reveals and manufacture elimination chains for big score bonuses. These same principles apply to the Normal (drop coloured and gray discs), Hardcore (faster rounds, no gray discs to drop) and Sequence (Normal with the exact disc pattern every time) modes, which play very similarly.

That’s it! Drop7 is single player only, so competition is limited to high scores which are submitted after every game. It sounds a little basic, but you won’t think about it as you learn to subconsciously stagger numbers and cash in waves of points. This is really crisp to pull off with the touch interface, as you can flash around from row to row to swiftly drop discs as fast as you can tap.

Developer area/code has used simplicity as a strength; Drop7 is very easy to learn, and can be played sporadically without hurting the gameplay experience. For anyone interested in a nice workout for your noggin in a pick-up-and-play game, this belongs on your iPhone.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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