Ubisoft Gets Universal with uPlay

…alright, I realize the title was kind of forced.

Anyways, Ubisoft has started implementing its uPlay system into its games, starting with Assassin’s Creed 2 for all platforms. Billed as a services portal, it works the same way as the Xbox 360’s achievement system; reaching specific goals will earn you points towards your account. There’s even a brief explanation video on their site which covers the basics.

What makes uPlay different is that these points can be redeemed for in-game rewards. These range from cosmetic (an Altair costume) to functional (additional throwing knives) to expansive (an additional crypt to explore). The site is simple to navigate, and works as a basic storefront for tracking your total points and available rewards for unlocking. Accounts aren’t explicitly linked, you have to log onto uPlay from within the game (existing Ubi.com users can use those credentials).

The in-game “uPlay Points Earned” popup looks a bit out of place, but the system works pretty well. Earning points is tied to existing in-game achievements, and they’re fairly doled out so you can claim rewards pretty quickly. I dislike having to go through hoops to unlock content that’s already on the disc, but getting these items through a free system like uPlay is certainly less onerous than paying for DLC unlock codes to get at it.

There’s definitely room for improvement, but it’s worth the few minutes of setup necessary to access the extra content.

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