Rock Band Network is Almost Live!

I love Rock Band. It’s the closest thing to joining a band that most of us are capable of (or willing to commit to), there’s a lot of great songs and one of the best party games around.

It’s also an awesome way to discover new music, especially as Harmonix’s weekly release of new content covers a lot of different genres and artists. The developer is taking it another step further with the Rock Band Network, a tool set that allows anyone to create their own tracks and publish them within their platform for the millions of gamers out there. It’s still in beta until early 2010, but you can start working on tracks right now!

Anyone out there who isn’t already on Rock Band, you’ve just been given an incredible way to grow your audience and bring in some extra income. It’s a really ambitious move from Harmonix, and I expect it to produce big dividends for everyone involved: it further establishes Rock Band as the premiere music game on the market, gives EA increased exposure to artists that they can incorporate into other titles (especially EA Sports) and also the most direct connection to fans since Apple iTunes.

If Rock Band 3 adds turntables and rap music, I’ll never look at another music game again!


[via Joystiq: Rock Band Network rolls out fully in early 2010]

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