From Wii to Hands Free, Johnny Chung Lee Joins Project Natal

As a lot of readers are aware, Johnny Chung Lee made his mark by modifying a Wii remote for unique use as an interactive presentation and collaborative tool, along with virtual reality control that requires only the remote, a Bluetooth receiver and some freely available software. Now, he brings his talents to Microsoft’s Project Natal controller-free interactive system where his PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon should prove invaluable to development.

Aside from the credibility that this adds to the Project Natal project, it adds tremendous excitement and attention to an already intriguing debut at E3 2009. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, his Wiimote hack presentation at TED is brimming with user interface potential that the entertainment and business sectors should both be keenly interested in.

[via Joystiq: Wiimote genius Johnny Chung Lee on Project Natal team]

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