The Beatles: A (Rock) Band Apart

I’m really excited about Beatles: Rock Band which arrives this fall, for a bevy of reasons. I’m not really familiar with their catalogue, so it’s a great way to explore their musical journey in an interactive way (the remastered albums are currently scheduled to arrive as a day-and-date release, as well). The art style is unique, and their career can be presented as a really engaging campaign experience. Plus, we can add their songs to our Rock Band catalogue!

Actually…not really. It turns out that the game will be treated as a separate product, unlike the original 2 games and their downloadable content/track pack releases to date. This appears to be a necessary concession made by Harmonix to acquire the rights, but it’s still the first time that the Rock Band platform has made this concession.

The Beatles are definitely a big enough act that making an exception is understandable, but I hope that this doesn’t become a trend. I opted for the Rock Band series over the Guitar Hero series largely because the latter franchise pumps out a lot of standalone releases, which I find a frustrating and unnecessarily isolating experience.

[via Joystiq: The Beatles: Rock Band DLC not compatible with other Rock Band games]

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